Friday, April 29, 2011

A Productive Day

April 28?, 2011
Today, my only obligation was to myself, a very rare, very wonderful gift on a Friday. I had ideas for two drawings that are part of a series I'm doing on very old paper from a very old math text book. I almost began work with writing on the gloves, but decided to do the drawings instead.
Sometimes writing on the gloves can be a form of procrastination. Even though this project is difficult in that it will take an eternity and it's a bit mind numbing, it always feels like progress when I write more. So, I can fool myself into thinking I am being creative even though I am not really...or I am, but I also need to create work that is more completely my own. Since I had ideas it felt right to get to them, see if they would work. I am going to be in a show in September and I feel like I need more work for it, because the drawings/paintings I'm doing are tiny, images above. At any rate, these two pieces came out pretty much as I hoped they would, which is rare these days.
I did get to write on the gloves too. I finished a page pretty quickly. The writing in the book on this page and the next couple of pages are short sentences, sometimes just a word or two. I ought really to be able to complete two pages today, and am on my way to doing that.
So, like I said, I had a nice day.
Of course I did a little housework too. I am terrible at totally ignoring dirt and mess. I didn't go crazy. I did a load of wash, did some vacuuming. But I walked away from the dust bunnies on the bookcases.
Oh, and Kate's dress was beautiful, in my opinion.


  1. Thanks! Going to be in a show, in September. Many Many tiny drawings.