Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Pens or Bad Gloves

page 292.
I have been having trouble either with the pens I am using, or with the surface of the gloves. Recently, only with the last few boxes of gloves, the glove surface is rejecting the pen. Instead of writing easily, almost as easily as on paper, the pen catches and the ink isn't a nice, smooth black. Instead it is sort of mottled and it is making the process even more tedious than it normally is.
So, today my husband is buying me new pens. I hope this helps, but I have a feeling it's the gloves, not the pens.
I am only about one hundred pages from the half way point of Ulysses, which seems close in a strange way...close to what, I don't know, but close.

Today, on Memorial Day, I am thinking about soldiers. American soldiers mostly, but also soldiers from other countries. all those people gone, killed. I know that the media thinks we, especially liberals without children fighting, are sort of oblivious to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose I am in a way....I don't follow maneuvers and strategies. But I think about those who are fighting far away, all the time, and I wish they could all come home today. Alive.

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  1. I think - better: I hope, 'cause only you could really say, Jess - that your pen/ink/glove snag will add an additional element of uniqueness, of elegant imperfection, to your project. What do you think?

    I think about the wars all the time. Like you, I don't follow military strategy, but I think of all the lives at risk, and the trillions of dollars being spent.

    My dad was in the Sea Bees (construction battalion)in WWII, so I thought about him a lot yesterday. He refused to ever talk about what it was like fighting in the war. He had some really bad experiences, I guess. I know he was filled with guilt and remorse and conflicting feelings of support for being on the "right" side. If he were still alive today, I would really want to know what he thinks about our current involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.