Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Milestone

June 11, 2011: page 304

So, I have made it just past page three hundred. It feels as though each one hundred page segment goes a little more quickly, though right now I am slogging through some pages that are very densely worded, so it is slow going. I am trying not to think about doing it, let alone finishing it. In this sort of long term project it is better to just do it, as the slogan says.
I did get a shot in the arm this morning, in the form of an e-mail. The editor and publisher of Booklist had written a column about his struggles to read through Ulysses, which he finally did after a few failed attempts. It was a funny and heartwarming column and it also taught some things about the story in Ulysses that I would not have realized on my own. As I write out the pages on my gloves I often have the television on, or an audio book, so I am listening while I am writing. Also, I read three or four words at a time and then write, three or four more words, then write some more. Even if it were a more conventional story with a linear path it would be hard to understand what I have been reading. But Ulysses is so odd, so full of long sentences that barely have a beginning and end, that I have only a slim grasp of events taking place. I wrote a letter to Mr. Bill Ott, the author of the column, telling him that I enjoyed the column and explained a little about my glove project, including the link to my website. I sent it snail mail, and then pretty much forgot all about it.
But there in my spam box, of all places, was an e-mail from Mr. Ott that began with "Thanks for your absolutely fascinating letter. I think it's the most amazing piece of correspondence I've ever received in 30 years at Booklist...". Needless to say, this is the sort of e-mail response a girl could get used to! He went on to tell me that he would like to write about the letter and the project. Of course I told him that I would assist in any way with these plans.
The response to my Ulysses glove project has been stronger among people in the literary field than in the arts. I wish I knew how to create a bit more buzz among my visual arts idols. MOMA, can you hear me? Still, I am grateful that Mr. Ott wants to bring this work to the attention of others. For now, that seems like an excellent opportunity and also a great reason to continue.


  1. What an exciting turn of events. I subscribe to the Booklist electronic newsletter (or at least I used to - I'll have to double-check I am still getting it), so I will see any mention of you that comes in. Congratulations on this publicity!

  2. How cool! I find that some of the most gratifying attention often comes from those not in the "art world". Bonus——there's a lot more of them too!